Why should you apply?

A team committed to the environment

Naldeo Technologies & Industries is, above all, engineers committed to a responsible and ecological approach, who are looking for solutions to reduce the impact of mankind on the environment. Joining this team means being part of a collective adventure that leads us to take up exciting technological challenges for green development.


An entrepreneurial culture

“Anything that is not prohibited is allowed” is Naldeo Technologies & Industries’ motto. In a world in transition, we encourage you to take the initiative and we value it. Our approach, coupled with a long-term vision, offers many advantages: tailor-made positions, autonomy, flexibility, trust and also performance.


A pleasant place to work

Because working in a place where you feel good is essential, and qualified and motivated employees deserve it, we strive to provide a quality working environment. Joining us is an opportunity to work in a serene and caring environment that fosters human relations.

Unsolicited application

Feel free to send us your CV and cover letter to the following address: technologies.industries@naldeo.com . Don’t forget to indicate “spontaneous application” in the subject line of your email