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We offer developers and energy producers control, optimization and monitoring solutions for their storage applications.

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Albioma, Reunion Island

Supply of an energy management system for the photovoltaic power plant with storage (1 MWp / 1.2 MWh) in Saint Leu

Quadran, Guadeloupe

Supply of an energy management system and a SCADA system for a wind farm with storage (8 MW / 4 MWh)

Quadran, New Caledonia

Supply of an energy management system for a photovoltaic plant with storage (15 MWp / 9MWh)

We were looking for a control solution for our solar power station with storage. We chose the Energy Management System (EMS) from Bertin to manage the power station based on weather forecasts. The EMS proved effective, flexible and robust. The team is readily available and technical support is fast.